The FAO-Thiaroye Processing Technique (FTT-Thiaroye)

The FAO-Thiaroye Processing Technique (FTT-Thiaroye)

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The FTT-Thiaroye is a technique drawn from the collaborative efforts between the FAO and the CNFTPA training institute in Senegal. Its development addresses the need to improve small-scale fish drying and smoking operations. The key to its adoption rests upon its benefits. Firstly, the FTT allows the marketing of better quality, safer products (notably with the absence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons/PAHs), providing at the same time a higher yield and marginal post-harvest losses. Secondly, it reduces the wood or coal/fish ratio, but also its structure eases the use of agricultural by-products (corn, millet cobs, coconut shells, husks, etc.) and cooking gas as fuel. The environmental impact and the operating costs are thus lessened. And last but not least, the FTT reduces women fish processors drudgery, including a lower exposure to smoke and heat.

Between 2013 and 2015, I designed two 76-page user manuals in both French and English.

Presentation videos

I also designed end edited 3 videos in both English and French.

  • Video 1 – Overview of the FAO Thiaroye Processing Technique or FTT-Thiaroye – 17’49”
  • Video 2 – What are the different parts of the FTT-Thiaroye and how to assemble them? – 13’05”
  • Video 3 – How to use and maintain the FTT-Thiaroye for processing? – 17’50”
In French
  • Video 4 – La technique FAO Thiaroye de transformation FTT-Thiaroye – 17’53”
  • Video 5 – Quels sont les différents éléments du FTT-Thiaroye et comment les assembler ? – 14’03”
  • Video 6 – Modes d’utilisation du FTT-Thiaroye et entretien du matériel de transformation du poisson – 17’52”